Slot Tips

Though slots are a game of chance, there are several tips that you can find helpful when you embark on an engaging adventure with online slots.

Avoid scams.
Online gambling scams operate on a huge scale nowadays.

You will know that you dealing with a legitimate company when it is a member of such organizations as Interactive Gaming Council (ICG). Or alternatively, you can google the name of the casino you want to know more about: there are various reviews, forums and chats that deal with the matter of illegitimate casinos.

Customer support matters.
Find a casino offering great customer support. 24/7 support is an absolute standard, via both telephone and email. Customer support should react to your inquiries and problems immediately and resolve them as soon as possible.

Payout options.
Check casino's payout options before you even start playing slots. Nevertheless, see whether casino has any fees or weekly payout limits. It may sound overoptimistic to assume that casino's payout limits will be one of your major concerns!

The tricky nature of bonuses.
All that glitters is not gold!

When a casino offers you some free online cash, usually as a sign-up bonus, think twice before you opt in. You will find it written in a fine print in terms and conditions that you will be able to withdraw the money once you have rolled over the bonus amount an x number of times. Avoid casinos which give you bonus without asking your permission. Nothing comes completely free in this world, friend!

Play for free.
Before you hit the mode "play for money" learn all the ins and outs of a particular slot game playing it "for free." With different bonuses (scatters, wilds extra games) that vary from game to game, online slots can are more complicated than their traditional offline counterparts.

Know Your Limit, Play Within It!
In other words, set spending limits and create a budget for yourself.
Before you start playing, decide what is the maximum amount of money you can afford to spend on slots and never cross this limit no matter what happens. Simply keep a preset amount for losing in each slot session and at the time the session ends, you quit.

Beware of negative emotions and don't run after defeats.
Slots should be about experiencing positive emotions only. Never let frustration, anger, desire for revenge in your playing. They will fray your nerves and ruin your budget.

What might be helpful is that you do not approach slot games with high winning expectations. The fact that you play for a long time doesn't mean anything. Just keep on playing without even thinking about winning the jackpot.

Have fun!
...meaning simple, childish, pure, mindless fun. It's the same thing as with a lottery. Some people buy  lottery tickets every week for the sake of enjoying the thrill of a lottery draw and they are happy, cheerful people. Others buy lottery tickets with only one thing on their minds: becoming richer, quicker than anyone else, as soon as possible. Unless capricious in her fancies Lady Luck smiles on them, they are disappointed and pretty much depressed each week.

Have even more fun!
Play those machines that you really enjoy and feel relaxed with. Stay away from those machines that you don't like, even when it is rumored that they offer the greatest payouts. And believe me there are so many different fantastically addictive online slots machines, you will surely find some that will absorb you for hours.

Repeat: No cycles in slots!
It is a total myth that slots are based on cycles, and once you find the pattern, you will predict the winning spin in advance.

As a human you are a pattern-seeking creature and you enjoy seeing patterns all around you. But remember that all losing and winning cycles are still random in nature.

Spend a day flipping a coin, and there will be many cycles, but still, none of these cycles will tell you what the next flip of a coin will produce: heads or tails?

Avoid fake helpers.
Mathematical formulas, systems and magical potions cannot beat the random nature of slots.

No matter how convincing these services/products are, please, try to avoid being yet another victim of naiveness and thoughtlessness.

Dreaming about a progressive jackpot?
...then always play max coins, or otherwise, you won't be able to win the really big money. In fact, for many people it is the single motive why they try their hand at the big progressives.

And now the final piece of advice with an optimistic overtone: learn to say stop when you are on a winning streak.
...unless of course you are playing only for the sake of the game.