Casino Euro produces their third progressive jackpot millionaire!

18 Oktober 2010. This date will be remembered forever by a retired carpenter from Norway who won an astonishing €4 million at CasinoEuro on Monday.

€30 bet on Mega Fortune proved to be enough to secure the 69-year-old man the status of the millionaire in Netent-powered Casino Euro.

Kevin Saliba, Business Area Director of CasinoEuro said "I was informed of the win a few minutes after the jackpot dropped. It is with great joy that I congratulate the winner and I hope that this large jackpot gives him the freedom to realize his dreams."

The retired Norwegian says the following about this unforgettable emotional evening: "I just wanted to play some low stakes but decided to put €30 on Mega Fortune and did nothing, as everything happened automatically using the auto play feature. Finally the reels stopped and I had won €4 million. I couldn't believe it and when it finally sunk in that I had won, I had to shout for my wife, as I was about to faint, says the retired 69 year old man."

It is also worth noticing that Betsson and CasinoEuro have experienced an increasing interest from older players wanting to play online casino games. Elder people are now feeling a lot more comfortable when it comes to playing online, and the number of registered customers in this group has increased.

"It is unbelievable fun to pay out such large wins and even more pleasing and fun when it is a retired man who has won. So we sincerely hope that the money makes the retired carpenter and his wife enjoy their retirement even more", says Kevin Saliba.